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On the bright afternoon of 15th April 2023, the Kabale University Guild Office was bustling with activity. It was the day of the Kabale District Guild Leaders Association (KADGLA) meeting, and all the guild leaders from different institutions across the district gathered to discuss the matters concerning the association and welfare of the students in different institutions in Kabale.

Ainobusingye Godwin, the current President of KADGLA, welcomed everyone and opened the meeting. He emphasized the importance of the association in uniting all the guild leaders in Kabale District. He explained that KADGLA aims to create opportunities and exposure for students through various activities such as debates, education seminars, sports, social culture, and entertainment.

Godwin passionately encouraged all the guild leaders to take part in KADGLA activities for the betterment of their students. He also enlightened them on how KADGLA has grown over the years and how much it has contributed to the students in the district.

Diaz Drake Owoyesigire, the 7th guild president at Kabale University ,and also The National Affairs Secretary UNSA, also addressed the gathering. He welcomed all the guild leaders from other institutions and thanked them for attending the meeting. Diaz Drake encouraged all the guild leaders to work together as a team, and he urged them to embrace technology, saying that the world is going digital and that is the way to go.

He further suggested that KADGLA should expand to other districts, especially in the Kigezi region, to bring more students under its umbrella. Diaz Drake reminded everyone that they are leaders and that leadership is never soft.

The meeting concluded with scheduling a day for electing new KADGLA leaders, Saturday 22nd April 2023 and handover on Sunday 23rd April 2023. Everyone left the meeting feeling motivated and inspired to work together for the betterment of their students and the association as a whole.

KADGLA has once again shown that it is a force to be reckoned with, and with the enthusiasm and passion displayed by the guild leaders, there was no doubt that the association would continue to grow and achieve great things.

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