Guild Council is the highest governing body of the Guild. We discuss finance and governance, ensure that reps are fulfilling their roles, monitor the progress of Guild sub-committees and discuss wider student issues and the actions we need to take to address them. We ensure that the Guild is functioning as it should, in order to deliver the best outcomes to students.

Contact your student representatives that attend this board if you have something you would like discussed.

Guild Council 2021-2022

Ainobusingye Godwin

Guild President

Ameso Lillian

Vice Guild President

Tuboine Muhindo Wildry

Prime Minister

Ninshaba Charity

Deputy Prime Minister

Mitooka Conrad

6th Guild Speaker -GRC Economics and Statistics


Deputy Speaker - GRC Library and Information Science

Atwine Methodius

Minister Finance

Tushemerirwe Ednavence

Minister for Social Affairs Culture and Mobilization GRC-female non-residents

Tumusiime Brian

Minister for External affairs GRC Environmental Science

Twesigomwe Robert

Students' Senate Representative - Minister of Education GRC-Arts with Education

Ahumuza Levicato

Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs GRC-Civil and Electrical Engineering

Orishaba Joan

Minister of Gender Affairs and Persons with Disabilities-Female GRC PWDs

Ajaa Sharon

Minister for Information and Computer Technology GRC-Main Campus

Bwambale Peter

Minister without Portfolio GRC-Institute of Languages


Minister of Health and Environment

Kuluse lulimi ivan

GRC Mechanical engineering - Minister of Internal Affairs

Kedress Blessed Musoki

Students Representative to the University Council -Female GRC Nyabikoni Campus.


Female Chief Fresher

Nabasa Kennedy


Namanya Moreen

Presidential advisor

Asiimwe Macknon

Presidential advisor

Kato Ezra

Presidential Advisor

Ishimwe Agnes

Presidential Advisor

Atugonza Oliver

GRC Agriculture and Land Use Management