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Kabale University was filled with excitement and jubilation yesterday on Tuesday 2nd May 2023, as the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences (FEMS) celebrated their outstanding achievements in the Interfaculty Competitions held this year. The celebrations took place at the prestigious Kabsom Hall, where FEMS emerged victorious, winning several trophies in various sports disciplines.

Assoc Prof. Tamwesigire Caleb (Faculty Dean) speaking to FEMS students with happiness

Assoc. Prof. Tamwesigire Caleb, the esteemed dean of FEMS, expressed his utmost joy during his speech at the event. He proudly proclaimed that FEMS is the only faculty at Kabale University that consistently produces graduates with first-class and second-class upper honors. With 16 programs and a team of highly qualified lecturers, FEMS stands out as a leading faculty in the institution. Moreover, their success in sports, earning numerous trophies, was a testament to the faculty’s dedication and exceptional talents.

In his address, Prof. Tamwesigire extended his gratitude to the guild leaders, lecturers, and coordinators for their unwavering support. Drawing a parallel between sports and student life, he emphasized that engaging in physical activities does not hinder academic success but rather contributes to happiness, joy, and overall well-being. He highlighted FEMS’ commitment to aligning their efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), particularly focusing on good health and well-being and quality education.

Asiimwe Confidence Nkurunungi, representing the Dean of Students, Mr. Tukamushaba Amos, commended FEMS students for their exemplary discipline. She conveyed the dean’s congratulations to all the students and encouraged them to prioritize their education and academic pursuits. Recognizing the valuable connections and networks formed through sports, she urged students to leverage their talents, as they could pave the way for success beyond their studies.


Byakatonda Acbor Milton, the Assistant Sports Officer, also shared his joy at being invited to partake in the FEMS celebrations. He attributed the faculty’s success to the leadership of their humble and supportive dean. Milton expressed his gratitude to Madam Daniel, a lecturer in FEMS, for her remarkable sports acumen. While highlighting the significance of sports in achieving the UNSDGs, he stressed the importance of healthy living and self-confidence. He further emphasized that sports instill crucial mobilization skills that extend beyond graduation and benefit students throughout their lives.

Guild President of Kabale University, HE. Diaz Drake Owoyesigire, congratulated the students of FEMS for their triumphant victory. Acknowledging the power of networking, he encouraged students to build connections while at the university, as they play a vital role in shaping future opportunities. Owoyesigire, who juggles leadership responsibilities with entrepreneurship, spoke passionately about hard work and reminded students to remain focused as they approached their upcoming exams.

Hon. Kyatuhire Merone, the GRC FEMS, took the stage and expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the sports teams that participated in the interfaculty competitions with immense passion and dedication. She commended the faculty dean for his infectious enthusiasm, jokingly mentioning that he had intended to offer a bull to celebrate the occasion but was hindered by financial constraints. Hon. Kyatuhire extended her thanks to everyone involved, including the lecturers.

some of the FEMS students at the function

Turyatuga Erick, a student in FEMS and the chief mobilizer of sports during the interfaculty competitions, gave a speech thanking the faculty dean for his unwavering support and the team members for their hard work and dedication.He dived into the background behind their success. Reflecting on their victory last year and their determination this year, he expressed his gratitude towards the sports committee, the GRCS, coordinators, faculty Dean, lecturers, team captains, players, and dedicated supporters. Erick highlighted the collective effort that propelled FEMS to victory.He noted that the win was not only for FEMS but for the entire university, and he promised that the team would continue to work hard to maintain their position as champions.

In conclusion, the FEMS celebrations held on Tuesday, 2nd May 2023, were a testament to the dedication and hard work of the faculty students and staff. The event showcased the success of the faculty not only in academics but also in sports. It was evident from the speeches that the faculty was committed to promoting the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and they were determined to continue doing so through education, sports, and other activities. The celebrations were a reminder to everyone that with hard work, determination, and teamwork, anything is possible.

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