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Kabale University Quality Assurance Department¬† is pleased to announce the upcoming KAB Course Coordinators’ Meeting. The meeting is scheduled to take place in the KABSOM Hall, and we invite all course coordinators to attend.

The KAB Course Coordinators’ Meeting is an event that brings together course coordinators from different departments at kabale University. The aim of the meeting is to provide a platform for course coordinators to discuss and review the academic progress of the students, share best practices, and collaborate on ways to enhance the quality of education.

During the meeting, course coordinators will have the opportunity to share updates on their respective courses and discuss any challenges they may have faced during the academic year. They will also review student progress, including academic performance and attendance, and collaborate on strategies to improve student outcomes.

We, therefore, encourage all course coordinators to attend this important meeting in the KABSOM Hall at Kabale University.