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The Alumni of Kabale University, known as the KAB Convocation, gathered yesterday on Tuesday, May 30th, 2023, to engage in a thrilling football match against the continuing students of the university. The event took place at the Kabale University Main Campus Playground, drawing a large crowd comprising staff members, students, and members of the local community.

Women’s teams in a group Photo

The highly anticipated match began with the women’s football game, where the KAB Convocation’s female team faced off against the Alumni ladies. The atmosphere was electric as spectators cheered on their respective teams. The match showcased the exceptional talent and dedication of both groups, with the KAB Convocation ladies emerging victorious, securing a resounding 3-0 win against the continuing students.Following the women’s game, it was time for the men’s teams to take the field. The KAB continuing men students showcased their skills and determination, ultimately prevailing with a close 2-1 victory against the KAB Alumni men, who put up an impressive fight.

The event was organized by the KAB Convocation, spearheaded by Mr. Isaiah Kanyamahane, Chairperson of the KAB Convocation, and Dr. Alex Saturday, a lecturer in Environmental Sciences and Vice-chairperson of the convocation. Their efforts brought together the university’s esteemed faculty, including Vice Chancellor Prof. Joy Kwesiga, the Academic Registrar, Deputy Academic Registrar, faculty deans, and lecturers, who all came out in support of their respective teams.

Pof.Joy Kwesiga(Vice Chancellor) on the left with the sports Tutor,Academic Registrar and the Dean of students.

In her address to the attendees, Vice Chancellor Prof. Joy Constance Kwesiga expressed her delight in witnessing such a vibrant and inclusive event. She extended her gratitude to the KAB Convocation for their initiative in organizing this match, emphasizing the importance of Alumni engagement and their crucial role in the growth and development of educational institutions. Prof. Kwesiga acknowledged the contributions of the KAB continuing students, particularly praising the female participants for their outstanding performance. She highlighted the transformative power of sports, fostering friendship, resilience, and determination among individuals. Prof. Kwesiga commended Madam Dianah Nkamusiima a lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences for her efforts in promoting female football at Kabale University and encouraged all participants to continue their pursuit of excellence.

The convocation’s organizing committee, led by the Byakatonda Acbor Milton,Assistant Sports officer at Kabale University, expressed their appreciation for the support from the staff members and the convocation members. They congratulated both teams for their exceptional display of sportsmanship and announced that this event would become an annual tradition, providing an opportunity for current students and alumni to come together and celebrate their shared university experience.

Mr. Tukamushaba Amos, the Dean of Students at Kabale University, conveyed his honor in being a part of this remarkable occasion. He encouraged the audience to cheer on the players with smiles, expressing gratitude to the organizing committee and expressing his joy for the day’s festivities.

Mr. Singahakye Denis speaking

The event also featured a distinguished guest of honor, Mr. Singahakye Denis, a former LCV (Local Council V) Chairperson of Ntungamo District, who represented the Kabale University Convocation on the University Council. Mr. Singahakye highlighted the significance of being an Alumnus of Kabale University, underscoring the social and human resource capital that the convocation represents. He announced that the KAB Alumni has plans to donate a coaster bus to Kabale University, which would facilitate student tours, promote the university, and generate income. He commended the Dean of Students, Mr. Tukamushaba Amos, for his commitment to student welfare and urged all alumni to actively participate in the Kabale University Convocation, emphasizing its openness to all interested individuals.

During interviews, members of the KAB Alumni expressed their gratitude and shared their personal experiences. Madam Beinomugisha Mercy, a Research Technician in the Department of Agriculture at Nile Breweries Uganda, fondly recalled her time at Kabale University, where she served as the Guild Deputy Speaker and GRC of Environment and Natural Resources. She attributed her success to the university and expressed her pride in being a part of the Alumni community.Mr. Muhumuza Nicholas, the owner of “Christ for All General Electronics” in Kabale Town, spoke of the impact of being a KAB alumnus on his business. He highlighted the social capital gained through his membership in the convocation, as many of his customers were students, lecturers, and fellow alumni. Mr. Nicholas had served as the Guild Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs during his time at Kabale University and expressed his gratitude to his lecturers for their mentorship and guidance.

The match also left a lasting impression on the continuing students. Madam Kyatuhire Merone, a student, expressed her joy in witnessing the KAB alumni play against the current students. She vowed to join the KAB convocation after her graduation and become an active member, emphasizing the friendships forged through this event. Playing in her first football match, Madam Merone expressed her appreciation for the organizers and mobilizers, thanking them for this memorable experience.

The Kabale University Convocation’s football match served as a testament to the enduring spirit and unity among alumni and continuing students. The event not only celebrated the university’s legacy but also fostered a sense of community and pride. As the sun set over Kikungiri Hill, it was clear that this annual tradition would continue to inspire and unite generations of Kabale University students for years to come.

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