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Kabale University, located in the heart of Uganda, recently held its 7th Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2023, marking a momentous occasion for the graduates, their families, and the institution itself. The ceremony, which took place on June 2nd, was filled with joy and jubilation as the graduates received their well-deserved accolades.

The event kicked off with an inspiring speech from Prof. Joy Kwesiga, the Vice Chancellor of Kabale University. Prof. Kwesiga began by expressing her warm welcome to all the distinguished guests, including the Vice Chancellor of Gulu University, local council members, staff, parents, and the graduates themselves. She highlighted the university’s commitment to implementing policies that support both the academic and personal growth of its students and faculty.During her address, Prof. Kwesiga discussed various initiatives, such as teaching assistants, staff promotions, and the introduction of a biological child scheme, aimed at providing financial support to staff members for their children’s education. She also mentioned the establishment of a new campus in Rukungiri, showcasing the university’s dedication to expanding its reach and impact.

The Vice Chancellor further emphasized the importance of research and publications, highlighting the parliament’s funding of 1 billion Ugandan shillings to support these endeavors. She commended the university’s commitment to academic excellence and collaboration, with several faculty members receiving grants and engaging in partnerships with local and international organizations.

Prof. Kwesiga proudly recognized the remarkable achievements of the graduating class, including Mr. Obed Nuwamanya, who overcame visual impairment to obtain his bachelor’s degree. She also acknowledged the best-performing male and female students, Mr. Mike Mashemererwa and Nyakake Becky, respectively, encouraging all graduates to continue their pursuit of knowledge and success in an ever-evolving world.

The Chairman of the Kabale University Council, Mr. Kakuru, also delivered a speech, commending the graduates and expressing gratitude to the council members for their unwavering support. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the university, particularly in terms of infrastructure, and assured everyone that efforts were being made to address them. Mr. Kakuru pledged to work closely with the Ministry of Education to elevate Kabale University’s ranking and secure the necessary resources for its growth.


In his speech, Prof. George Mondo Kagonyera, the Chancellor of Kabale University, captivated the audience with his inspiring words. As he took the podium, he radiated a sense of pride and genuine happiness for the graduates and the entire university community.

Prof.Mondo Kagonyera (University chancellor) on the Left with the University Vice chancellor Prof.Joy Kwesiga

Prof. Kagonyera began by expressing his deep appreciation for being back at Kabale University to celebrate the achievements of the young men and women before him. He emphasized that his words were not mere rhetoric but a sincere reflection of his joy on this momentous occasion.

Before delving into his prepared speech, the Chancellor made a few observations. He warmly welcomed the distinguished guests, particularly highlighting the presence of the Vice-Chancellor of Gulu University and the Vice-Chancellor of Technology and Arts of Bumba, whom he recently met in Rwanda. Prof. Kagonyera expressed gratitude for their attendance, emphasizing the importance of nurturing relationships between people from different regions and fostering academic collaborations.Acknowledging the significance of the Vice-Chancellor’s speech, the Chancellor underscored the need for critical evaluation. He encouraged everyone, especially the graduating students, to read and even critique the Vice-Chancellor’s address. This interactive approach to understanding and analyzing speeches would foster intellectual growth and independent thinking.

The Chancellor commended the members of the University Council, recognizing their leadership roles and their commitment to guiding Kabale University towards continued growth. He expressed confidence in their abilities, asserting that they possess the necessary expertise to steer the university in the right direction.

Addressing a point raised by the University Council Chairperson regarding university rankings, Prof. Kagonyera shared a different perspective. He firmly believed that universities should not be evaluated solely based on their infrastructure. To emphasize his point, he recounted the inspiring story of Rosalie Diao, a Nobel Prize winner in medicine, who conducted groundbreaking research in her own kitchen. Her accomplishments demonstrated that one’s work and achievements are not determined by the physical structures they possess but rather by their determination, dedication, and pursuit of knowledge.

Furthermore, the Chancellor extended his gratitude to the volunteers from Nigeria, expressing his deep appreciation for their ongoing support to Kabale University. He acknowledged the significant contributions made by the Nigerian volunteers and highlighted the pride and solidarity they exhibit towards Africa. Prof. Kagonyera recognized Nigeria’s importance as the largest country in Africa and commended its citizens for their unwavering commitment to the continent.

As Prof. Kagonyera concluded his speech, he reiterated his heartfelt congratulations to the graduating class, acknowledging the challenges they had overcome during their academic journey. He emphasized that this day marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, urging them to embrace lifelong learning. The Chancellor reminded the graduates that in an ever-changing world, continuous learning is essential to remain alert, adapt to new technologies, and create job opportunities for themselves and their communities.In his parting words, Prof. Kagonyera urged the graduates to be good ambassadors of Kabale University and Africa as a whole. He thanked the government, the University Council, the staff, and all those involved in the success of the institution. With a renewed sense of hope and pride, the Chancellor concluded his speech, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and instilling in the graduates a sense of purpose and commitment to their future endeavors

The Kab Convocation committee, led by their chairperson, seized the opportunity to honor and reward the top-performing students from various faculties. They also announced their plans to donate a coaster bus to the university, facilitating student activities, revenue generation, and university promotion.

As the 7th Graduation Ceremony concluded, Kabale University stood proud, nurturing graduates for a lifelong journey of success and transformation. The event served as a reminder of the university’s commitment to academic excellence, research, and community engagement, positioning itself as a leading institution in Uganda and beyond.

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