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In a momentous announcement, Kabale University extends heartfelt congratulations to the newly elected National Resistance Movement (NRM) Chapter Executive. Comprised of dedicated cadres, this executive is ready to serve the university and the nation with unwavering commitment and passion.

Led by the dynamic Owoyesigire Diaz Drake as Chairperson, the team includes Turinawe Promise as Vice Chairperson, Arinayesu Brilliant as Treasurer, Safari Boaz as General Secretary, and Akandwanaho Gracious as Publicity Secretary. Their election marks a promising new era for the NRM Chapter at Kabale University.

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Mugenga Maurice Kaibaba, the Patron of Kabale University Chapter and a revered French lecturer, he emphasized the importance of core party principles. Nationalism, Pan-Africanism, Socioeconomic Transformation, and Democracy form the bedrock upon which these young leaders will build their vision for the university and its students.

The former Chairperson of Kabale University NRM Chapter, Mr. Akampurira Samuel Beker, celebrated the achievements of the outgoing executive, highlighting their successful mobilization efforts and the triumphant presence of an NRM flag bearer in university elections. He shared how this role had provided invaluable opportunities to interact with influential figures, receive career guidance, and contribute to nation-building.

With great enthusiasm, Diaz Drake Owoyesigire, also the Guild President at Kabale University and UNSA Secretary, expressed his elation at being elected as the new Chairperson of the NRM Chapter. He pledged to carry forward the legacy of his predecessors, adhering to the party’s principles and dedicating himself to the welfare of the university community.

As Chairperson, Diaz Drake is determined to mobilize resources and projects that will benefit students and stakeholders alike. With his vision set on organizing an NRM symposium, he aims to create a platform for constructive dialogue and meaningful exchanges of ideas.

The entire executive committee is brimming with excitement and a sense of purpose. Each member stands ready to serve, united in their dedication to making a positive impact at Kabale University. Their commitment to patriotism and putting the social benefits above personal gain sets a strong example for the student community.

Kabale University is proud to witness this vibrant new chapter unfold, nurturing leaders who will champion the values of the NRM and contribute to the growth and development of Uganda. Congratulations to the new NRM Chapter Executive, and may their tenure be filled with progress, unity, and transformative achievements for the university and the nation at large.

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