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Kabale university Fresher’s bazaar played a greater role in booming the business around the university community. According to the one of the bazaar’s merchants Ayebale Edwin selling clothing really emphasized the huge role of the first of it kind under the leadership of the 7th Guild leadership under H.E Owoyosigyere Diaz Drake as necessary and quite helpful to the kabale university students fraternity and the neighboring community . To him this event really closed the gap in shopping by the students who move as far as Kabale Municipality center for purchasing reason which cost them in return and yet this bazaar have brought items of various kinds at the vicinity.
One great role as mention by him was that the event really created a pronounced relationship between the kabale university and the surrounding and in the end Ayebale also appreciated the students guild leaders in their various capacity to have organized this event and above all those who came took part in the events and urged them to continue coming supporting the event for as long as it is in existence since the culture have already created and hoped for the best.  Many venders are believed to have and still making money as the event is to go through till next Saturday 19th August  this year 2023 and Big up for the Champion of service regime in its ideal context of champion this event also.

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