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The 2023/24 Higher Education Certificate Kabale University new students who reported officially on the 15th July 2023 completed their well scheduled orientation programs successfully. This program which ran for the whole week starting on Monday 17th till Friday 21st attracted many facilitators across the institution’s departments. Academic Registrar office team, the university Lectures among others played their clear roles basing on their respective assignment in the program. The program was meant to bring these team of the freshers to clear understanding of how the university operates on the areas of leadership, Learning, students affairs among others like relationship with University surrounding and in the end the students are expected to know their roles and responsibilities as well as the university areas of play as far as the institution programs are concerned.

The last day of the orientation Friday today ended with a take through E-learning technology by the responsible ICT unit Kabale University. A team which comprised of Mr Nowamani Collins , Mr Nkamwecigha Nickolas  among the many facilitators played their roles well on the last section of the orientation concerning Tech which took place in the University New Computer Laboratory with students attendance of over 100 as mentioned by Mr Jastus Ndashiye one of the Lab staff.

One of the beneficiary of the Program in the name of Isingoma Hassan expressed his joy over the program as being well planned and timely as his understandings concerning his coming to study is now clearly drawn basing on roles and responsibilities he owe as opposed to the university roles and he extended his gratitude to the institution’s Administrators which to him clearly shows the future of the program he applied for as bright. ” No doubt! I am sure, am in the right institution to make my dream come true .”, he said. According to Hassan, some students are still on the way reporting and he expressed no fear over lagging behind of these newly reporting students as he hoped those who went though the orientation shall help their fellow to catch up with them. He believed really book work shall begin on Monday basing on some of the information they got during the orientation.

This is now bring the recently passed information in a circular from the Academic Registrar office concerning the 2023/24 academic reporting dates real as it still;

  1. Saturday 15th July  2023  …………………….. Higher Education Certificate Program
  2. Saturday 12th August 2023 ………………….. First Year Undergraduate & Postgraduate
  3. Saturday 19th August 2023 ………………….. Continuing Undergraduate & Postgraduate
  4. Wednesday 26th August 2023 ………………. Open Learning ( Recess Program for Teachers)


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