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Kabale University, located in Western Uganda, has taken a significant step towards technological advancement with the inauguration of its Regional ICT Innovation Hub. This groundbreaking project, supported by the Ministry of ICT & National Guidance under the National ICT Initiatives Support Programme, aims to nurture and promote innovative startups while providing essential resources for their growth.

The launch event, held on Wednesday, June 1st, 2023, Under the leadership of Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance, the launch event commenced with an exhibition of exceptional innovation projects by talented individuals from Kabale University. Distinguished guests, including representatives from the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Vice Chancellor Prof. Joy Kwesiga, Members of Parliament from Kabale District, and various heads of institutions, eagerly witnessed the unveiling of these groundbreaking projects.

Among the innovative ideas presented were a range of solutions designed to address pressing societal challenges. These included an automatic waste segregator system, an automated home water management system, an unmanned fire detection and fighting system, an automatic solar load shedding controller, a PLC-based home automation system, a contactless lighting system, an intelligent fish monitor, an automated solar-powered threshing machine, a transformative two-in-one hospitalization and wheelchair system, a virtual chemistry lab simulator, and an eye and hand gesture-controlled wireless mouse.

Prof. Joy Kwesiga, the Vice-Chancellor of Kabale University, expressed her gratitude to the organizing committee, led by Mr. Tukamushaba Amos, the Dean of Students, and Prof. Phelix Busingye, the Team Leader of the Regional ICT Innovation Hub. Prof. Kwesiga commended their tireless efforts in making the launch a resounding success. She also encouraged female students to actively participate in innovation projects, singling out Ayebare Allen, a second-year student in the Faculty of Computing, Library, and Information Science, for her notable contribution.


Assoc Prof. Businge Phelix Mbabazi (Faculty Dean) speaking as the Team Leader Regional Innovation Hub at kabale University

Prof. Phelix Busingye, in his role as the Team Leader of the Regional Innovation Hub, emphasized the significance of the incubation and innovation hub in fostering cutting-edge solutions. He outlined the hub’s objectives, which include providing a platform for innovative ideas and creating markets for the resulting products.




Dr. Edison Kakuru, Chairperson of the University Council, shared valuable insights gained from the event, highlighting the importance of establishing professional connections through interactive workshops, observation, and job shadowing. He praised Prof. Busingye for his instrumental role in securing support from the Ministry of ICT, which led to the establishment of the Regional ICT Innovation Hub. Dr. Kakuru further emphasized the pivotal role of innovation in shaping the future and encouraged students to harness their creativity.

The Guest of Honor,  Mr. Silas Ngabirano representing the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, acknowledged Prof. Phelix Busingye’s commendable work and acclaimed Kabale University’s Regional Innovation Hub as one of the best in Uganda. He expressed admiration for the presented innovations, particularly highlighting the eye and hand gesture-controlled wireless mouse and the digital devices for switching on and off. He encouraged students to utilize the innovation hub before graduation, emphasizing the importance of writing proposals and seeking sponsors. He stressed that innovation could pave the way for self-employment and career opportunities.

Mr. Steven Kansyaba, the District Chairperson of Rubanda District, extended his gratitude to the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance for their unwavering support of the Regional Innovation Hub at Kabale University. He applauded the expansion of the hub into the Kigezi region, as spearheaded by Mr. Kakuru. Mr. Kansyaba urged everyone to maximize the potential of the Regional Hub at Kabale University and embrace innovation as a catalyst for growth.

With the launch of the Regional ICT Innovation Hub, Kabale University has paved the way for a new era of technological advancements in Western Uganda. The stage is set for aspiring innovators to thrive, transform ideas into reality, and drive meaningful change in their communities. The future looks bright as Kabale University takes center stage in the journey towards a technologically empowered society.

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