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The third day of August 2023 was blessed with the launch of the institute of Tourism & Hospitality management which got through successfully. The event which was attended by over 200 attendees including the university administrators like Prof. Joy Constance Kwesiga the Vice chancellor herself and other top officials as well as some of the university continuing students, experienced a lot of exhibitions of the institute facilities in an attempt to show its capability or  weight which obviously looked heavy and able as shown in the photos attached.  According to one of the reporter in the name of Muhezi Drake a final year from FOCLIS said there that there was a strong emphasis from the university administrators to promote local tourism before looking outside tourists and particularly in the region of kigezi which signified that many people of the region or even the whole country look at adventuring the attractive resources lowly. That was the challenge staged in front of the launched institute of Tourism & Hospitality.

This therefore leave the institute as an autonomous section of its own administration compared to its initial attachment to the faculty of Economics and Management science. In fact it is a new studying units of its own under Kabale University and this broaden the university sections the more.

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