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A combination of various students across multiple background of courses converged in the KABSOM conference hall for a two days orientation which came to an end by Sunday 2pm. The group which comprised of Phd, masters and post graduate diplomas students had a nice experience of  interaction during their orientation which were taken part by various assigned personals of high profile in an attempt to take them through an eye openers programs as far as kabale university students are. The even which was concluded by Mr Isingoma the E-Library resource employee with the university took the group through the expectation. A take through eLearning was one other matters of importance as the university emphasizes   such platform used for the matter of varsity as far as learning is concern in an attempt to promote flexibility as the matured learners come from various background which can promote online studying . This thereafter set the ball rolling for the under graduate freshers who reported last Saturday 12th August 2023 ready for the same kind of event by Monday.

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