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Mbarara Town, Saturday,29th July 2023 – In a Farewell Party hosted by FamITech Solutions Company Ltd, Kabale University students showcased their exceptional skills as they dominated the ranks of the Best Internship Students at the renowned technology company. The event celebrated the achievements of young tech enthusiasts who completed their internships, with Akandwanaho Gracious and Niwasiima Happy taking center stage as shining examples of talent and hard work.

Gracious Emerges as the Best Internship Student:

Akandwanaho Gracious, a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at Kabale University, stood out among the four competing teams during the project presentation. The challenge was to develop a cutting-edge Restaurant Management System, and Gracious‘ team emerged victorious, claiming the overall top spot. The award was granted based on criteria such as innovativeness, completion status, confidence, and time management.

Speaking to our news reporters, Gracious expressed his excitement and gratitude, saying, “I am very excited to have been chosen as the best internship student and for our team winning the surprise award. I thank the Almighty God for this opportunity.” He also acknowledged the benefits of networking during the internship, stating, “Meeting new students and successful people has been incredibly helpful, and these connections will support me in the future.”

Niwasiima Happy Receives the Student of the Year Award:

Not to be outdone, Niwasiima Happy, another third-year student from Kabale University, also studying Computer Science, received the coveted Student of the Year award. Happy’s dedication and hard work earned her this recognition. Her aspirations to become a Google developer illustrate her determination and passion for the tech industry.

Competing Universities:

Gracious shared that during the internship, they had the privilege of working alongside students from various universities, including Bishop Stuart University, AnKole University,Datamine School-Technical Business School, and the Army School from Kampala, among many others. The diverse group of students provided an enriching environment that fostered learning, collaboration, and friendly competition.

FamITech Solutions Imparts Valuable Skills:

The awards ceremony, attended by Mr. Ninsiima Wilber, the Technical Director under the Software Department, was an opportunity to recognize the hard work of all internship students. Mr. Wilber highlighted Gracious’ qualities as a good student – disciplined, hardworking, and proficient in various areas, including Backend Development, Frontend Development, Networking, Computer Maintenance, Graphics Design (Photoshop and Illustrator), and Human-Centered Design.

The Visionary Journey of FamITech Solutions:

In his speech, Mr.Niwaha Barnabas, the Company Director, reminisced about the challenging journey of creating the “Quickschools system” during his university days with fellow FamITech Solutions team member, Mr.Wilber. He emphasized the importance of hard work, patience, and persistence, which eventually led them to success. The system is now aiding numerous schools across Uganda.

Mr. Deo’s “RACE” to Success:

Representing the internship facilitators and instructors, Mr. Deo Majeme shared four essential keys to success: Result, Attitude, Competence, and Execution (RACE). He urged students to focus on these elements and strive for excellence in their future endeavors, both during their studies and in their workplaces.

Guest of Honor Inspires Aspiring Technologists:

The Guest of Honor, Mr. Mwavu Rodgers, a lecturer in the Faculty of Computing at Mbarara University of Science and Technology, praised the students’ choice of technology-related fields. He highlighted that technology is a pivotal discipline in all sectors and encouraged students to aim high and embrace various opportunities, from programming to marketing, graphics design, and networking.

Gracious Extends Gratitude on Behalf of Internship Students:

In his vote of thanks, Akandwanaho Gracious expressed gratitude to the FamITech Team for their guidance and support throughout the internship period. He credited the experience with broadening their knowledge and skills, equipping them to transform their universities, communities, and lives. Gracious shared his excitement about designing a website for a client, confident that his acquired knowledge from FamITech Solutions would yield great results.

The remarkable success of Kabale University students at FamITech Solutions exemplifies the importance of practical experience and the transformative impact of technology education. As these young talents venture into their professional lives, they are poised to contribute significantly to the growth and development of the tech industry, both locally and internationally.

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