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KAMPALA,UGANDA-In a remarkable display of Talent and Innovation, On Saturday -8th July , 2023, a team of students from Kabale University proudly represented their institution at the prestigious East Africa Digital Innovation Summit  Led by Diaz Drake Owoyesigire, the Guild President ,and Hon.Akandwanaho Gracious, the Guild Minister of ICT ,the team showcased their exceptional skills and knowledge in the field of technology. Representing Kabale University were students from the Faculties of Computing ,Library and Information Science (FoCLIS), as well as Engineering. This diverse team brought together expertise from different disciplines, reflecting the university’s commitment to nurturing a multidisciplinary approach to digital innovation.

The event, held at the esteemed Yusufu Lule Teaching Facility in Makerere University, Kampala, focused on the theme of “The Future of Digital Transformation.” It was part of a larger series of summits that commenced on July 6th in Rwanda, followed by Kenya on the 7th, and culminating in Uganda on the 8th. Participants from various regions of Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda gathered to discuss and explore the latest advancements in digital innovation.

The summit was inaugurated by Hon. Mugabi Kevin, the Guild Minister of Information, Research, and Innovation, who highlighted the significance of the event. He emphasized the esteemed reputation of Makerere University and encouraged participants to seize the networking opportunities and potential employment prospects that awaited them. Hon. Kevin expressed gratitude to the organizers and partners for their efforts in making the summit a resounding success.

The guest of honor, Dr.Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister Of ICT and National Guidance in Uganda represented by Mr. Ngabirono Sariyasi, Commissioner for research and Innovation in the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance in Uganda, delivered an inspiring speech on the importance of digital skilling and empowering young children with technology and artificial intelligence skills. He encouraged the attendees to embrace the opportunities that technology offers and invest in themselves through continuous learning. Mr. Sariyasi also highlighted the Ministry’s commitment to supporting innovators through grants and various policies promoting innovation.


Keynote speakers from Nigeria shared their expertise on topics such as the role of higher education in digital transformation, digital marketing, cybersecurity, research and innovation, and the Internet of Things. They stressed the need for collaboration, digital leadership, and the vast opportunities that technology presents for the youth.

Among the impressive lineup of speakers was the CEO of JAMBO TODAY, who showcased their successful application “JAMBOTODAY,” designed to connect friends. The CEO shared their journey of hard work and perseverance, underscoring the importance of determination and embracing innovative ideas.

They expressed gratitude to the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance for their unwavering support in fostering digital transformation.Another keynote speaker, King David, CEO of SPC, emphasized that technology transcends the boundaries of IT and impacts all fields. He spoke passionately about collaboration, participation, and the meaning of digital in today’s world.

Panel discussions further enriched the summit, addressing topics such as the role of social media in building a digital footprint, the role of investors in East Africa, and digital transformation through talent development. Seasoned social media influencers shared their success stories, encouraging participants to harness the power of social media to showcase their innovations and build their personal brands. They emphasized the importance of being mindful of what one shares on social media and advised participants to develop their profiles through blogging and other platforms.

The students from Kabale University expressed their joy and gratitude for the opportunity to attend and represent their institution at the summit. They highlighted the invaluable knowledge gained, connections made,   and a deeper understanding of the potential that digital innovation holds for their university, their communities, and the entire East African region.

Kabale University’s participation in the summit not only showcased the institution’s commitment to fostering excellence in digital education but also highlighted the incredible potential and talent present within its faculties of Computing and Information Science, as well as Engineering. As Kabale University continues to nurture and support its students’ technological aspirations, it paves the way for a brighter, more innovative future for both the university and the region as a whole.

The East Africa Digital Innovation Summit provided a platform for young minds to showcase their digital prowess, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities for collaboration. As East Africa forges ahead in the digital era, the future looks promising with these bright and talented students at the forefront of driving innovation and transformation.

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