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On Saturday 18th February 2023,  Kabale university Health ministry organized a one day training for medical students . The training was officially opened by the MINISTER of Health Hon.Agarukamu Mackline who welcomed participants and the guests including the University doctor, Kabsom associations KUMSA, KUAMSA and ANSKAB, DTL MEDICAL STORES, and  all Kabsom fraternity .

On the right :Dr. Richard Ayebare [Medical Officer-Kabale University]
The opening speaker was Dr. Richard Ayebare[Medical Officer – Kabale University], who delivered an engaging and inspiring opening speech and opened the practical session.

We are thrilled to report that the training session was a tremendous success! The event exceeded our expectations in terms of attendance, engagement, and feedback. Students were actively engaged in discussions and took away valuable insights that they can apply in their course of study and work.

The guild president who was in attendance thanked students for attending , thanked Hon. Agarukamu Mackline(the Health Minister) for the great work done towards the improvement of the faculty and the university at large. He encouraged students to be more practical in everything they do and aslso promised to put in place dust bins all around campus and to lobby for the enrolment of Kabale University Clinic as a health Centre III. Additionally, the training session    provided numerous networking opportunities that fostered productive connections and collaborations. We are thrilled with the results of the event and consider it a true testament to the power of collaboration and meaningful conversation.


The health minister requested the Guild Team to include health students in their planning . Stuart, one of the medical students in his 4th year was to showcase his clinical skills on blood pressure presentations from different departments under the Faculty of Medicine.

Certainly, the event was a resounding success! We had a great turnout and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees in the both the Faculty of Medicine and also other faculties. The keynote speakers delivered insightful presentations that sparked meaningful discussions, and  breakout sessions provided attendees with valuable insights and practical tools they can use in their course of study and also at work. The networking opportunities were also highly productive, with attendees making valuable connections and exchanging ideas. We were able to achieve all of our event objectives, and we believe that the students left feeling inspired, informed, and empowered. Overall, we consider this event a huge success and are grateful to everyone who participated.

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