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Kabale University, Uganda – In a groundbreaking development, the 7th Guild Leadership at Kabale University is proud to announce the university’s first-ever Freshers Bazaar, set to take place from 12th August 2023 to 19th August 2023. The week-long event promises to be a captivating spectacle, featuring an array of participants, most notably local entrepreneurs eager to showcase their products to the new students and the entire university community.

The Freshers Bazaar, organized by the Guild Leadership, is anticipated to host a wide variety of trade shows and exhibitions on the University Playground at  Kikungiri Hill campus. With the university expecting an influx of over 3000 new students, the event presents an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to tap into this captive market.

The brainchild behind this ambitious project, Guild President Diaz Drake, expressed his elation at the approval received from none other than the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joy Kwesiga. “We are thrilled to welcome the first-ever Freshers Bazaar at Kabale University,” Drake declared with palpable excitement. “This is a significant milestone for our institution, and we are grateful to Prof. Kwesiga for her unwavering support and encouragement.”

The Freshers Bazaar is expected to be a multi-faceted affair, providing not only a platform for businesses to shine but also fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and community among the university’s students. In line with this vision, the 7th Guild Leadership has been working tirelessly to ensure the event’s resounding success.

“We call upon all our fellow guild leaders and students to cooperate wholeheartedly and contribute to making this event a resounding success,” encouraged Guild President Drake. “This will undoubtedly be a momentous addition to our list of achievements and will pave the way for future Freshers Bazaars at Kabale University.”

The excitement is palpable among the university community as the 7th Guild Leadership gears up to host this historic event. Local businesses have already expressed overwhelming enthusiasm and are diligently preparing to showcase their products in creative and captivating displays.

The Freshers Bazaar not only presents an incredible opportunity for businesses but also promises an enriching experience for new students. This week-long extravaganza will serve as an ideal platform for students to familiarize themselves with the local entrepreneurial scene, witness innovative products, and perhaps find unique solutions that resonate with their aspirations.

As the countdown to the Freshers Bazaar begins, the anticipation and energy at Kabale University continue to grow. All eyes are set on this remarkable event, destined to be etched in the annals of the university’s history. With the combined efforts of the 7th Guild Leadership, the students, and the support of the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Kabale University is poised to set new standards in student engagement and community integration.

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