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Kabale University, on Thursday-17th-August-2023, held  a resounding call for HIV/AIDS awareness  organised by the 7th Guild Ministry of Health in partnership with  the Uganda AIDS Commission in the  Kabale University’s New Science Block. The event spearheaded by a dedicated team of individuals led by Michael Matsiko, the Western Regional Coordinator for the organization, aimed to empower and equip the youth with crucial knowledge about HIV/AIDS prevention.

The event featured the convergence of esteemed figures, including university counselors, guild leaders, and other high-profile individuals. Among them, the 7th  Guild President, H.E Diaz Drake Owoyesgire, stood at the forefront, championing the cause of informed decision-making among the students. “Our main objective,” proclaimed President Owoyesgire, “is to steer our youth towards life choices that safeguard them from the looming threat of HIV. With their active involvement in sexual activities and the liberties they enjoy within their residential halls, it is imperative that they are well-informed.”

Throughout the day, an array of impactful activities unfolded, each  designed to impart knowledge, raise awareness, and encourage dialogue. The centerpiece of the event was an engaging session of HIV/AIDS awareness interaction, during which the audience of students was given the opportunity to pose questions and receive insightful answers from the experienced lead team. This interactive discourse not only discussed myths but also fostered a deeper understanding of the epidemic.

Addressing one of the most critical aspects of the fight against HIV/AIDS, the event offered on-site HIV testing and counseling services. This initiative aimed to destigmatize testing and encourage young individuals to take charge of their sexual health proactively.

The crowning moment of the event was the shared mealtime, which provided a space for students and organizers to engage in informal conversations, facilitating deeper connections and discussions around the conference’s core themes. The event was characterized by its holistic approach, blending education with interaction, ensuring a lasting impact on all participants.

Regional Coordinator Mr. Matsiko elucidated the rationale behind targeting the university, underscoring the Uganda AIDS Commission’s commitment to achieving its ambitious goal of eradicating HIV/AIDS from the nation by 2030, as envisioned by its establishment in 2000.

The Uganda AIDS Commission lauded the tireless efforts of Kabale University’s guild president and his team for their  mobilization that led to a commendable turnout. The multitude of students present served as a testament to the effective dissemination of awareness about the conference.

In an era where knowledge is the strongest shield against adversity, the Uganda AIDS Commission and Kabale University have forged a formidable partnership to empower the youth with the insights and tools needed to navigate the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS. As the echoes of the conference’s resounding success reverberate, it is clear that this collective endeavor will contribute significantly to a healthier, more informed generation, steering Uganda towards a brighter, AIDS-free future.

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