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Gender based violence is now becoming a cause for which everyone is fighting. Yesterday 16th February 2023, there was awareness on gender based violence (GBV) in the Kabsom building of Kabale University fostered by UGANET (Uganda Network on Law Ethics and HIV AIDS) ; it’s is a social justice team working to end violation of in health especially for women and girls.. The event was officially opened by the university councilor who encouraged students to be attentive and learn more about UGANET.

The guild president also encouraged the guild council to work hand in hand with the UGANET champions to spread the gospel about GBV.

Mr. Tukamushaba Amos (Dean of students) talking to students

The Dean of students, Mr. Tukamushaba Amos thanked UGANET for choosing Kabale University and training students about gender based violence. He encouraged students to love one another and avoid solving disputes through violence. The dean of students has a scenario of about a boy and her girlfriend who used to stay together but fought because they had differences in education levels. He encouraged students to aim for peace and strengthened the resolve of UGANET this calling upon their team to do their best to end GBV in Kabale University. Since he is a man who likes talking about discipline, the Dean of students encouraged students to be disciplined since it can earn anyone a job. He identified one of the UGANET members who got a job as an internee because of discipline.
The day goes into history as the first big step that starts the journey of 1000 miles towards fighting GBV. Bravo, UGANET!

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