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Kabale University hosted a successful event on Friday, March 24th, 2023, to celebrate World Social Worker’s Day. The theme of the event was “Respecting Diversity through Joint Social Action,” which aimed to promote unity and diversity within the community. The event attracted many social workers, social work students, and educators from different universities and agencies.

Dr.Charles KiiZa Wamara  (Lecturer-Social Work) , who delivered the keynote address, recognized the social workers present, commenting that he was nothing without them. He encouraged everyone to be the change they wished to see in the world, emphasizing the importance of joint social action. Mr. Ivan Nasasiira , the President of Kabale University Social Workers Association, expressed gratitude for choosing Kabale University as the venue for the event. He explained that the association started with seven students and had grown to over 400 students, with the objective of linking members of national and international social workers of Uganda.

The event also featured a presentation from Ariheihi Doreen, a social work student in her second year, who delivered a poem on the theme of the day, which inspired many students who were present. Dr. Samuel Karuhanga, the Head of Social Work and  Administration at Kabale University, explained the programs in the department, such as the Diploma in Social Work, and defined the term social work. He emphasized that social workers have a vital role in promoting social justice and the OBUNTU philosophy, “I am because you are.”

The Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof. Assoc Prof. Katusiimeh Mesharch Walto, acknowledged that the social work profession had been hit hard by the COVID-19 lockdowns, which were a period when people needed social support the most. He was glad that the profession had managed to overcome this challenge.

The NASWU Coordinator, Mr. John Mary, spoke about the importance of social workers harnessing social media and technology ethically. He advised social workers to refrain from posting just because they could and to avoid low self-esteem and laziness in using social media.

The Vice-Chancellor-Kabale University, Prof. Joy Kwesiga, also delivered a speech, focusing on the theme of the day and the values of social workers, particularly the OBUNTU philosophy. She encouraged NASWU to continue promoting the values of social workers and to intervene in the issue of street kids.



The keynote speaker, Prof. Sabit Makara, a professor of Governance at Kabale University, discussed the role of social workers in promoting respect for diversity through joint social action. He highlighted the dangers of individualism and capitalism, which have distorted the values of social workers. He also emphasized the importance of advocacy and community-based social work.

The event concluded with panel discussions among student leaders, social work educators and practitioners, government agencies and policymakers, and cultural leaders. The discussions focused on respecting diversity through joint social action and what each organization was doing in the community. The event concluded with an essay assessment report and the awarding of certificates to universities and social work agencies that subscribed to NASWU.

In summary, the event was a great success, and it provided a platform for social workers, educators, and policymakers to come together and discuss the importance of joint social action and respecting diversity. The speeches, presentations, and discussions were insightful and thought-provoking, and it is hoped that the event will inspire more people to become social workers and promote social justice and the OBUNTU philosophy in their communities.

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