Student's Guild

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According to the Kabale university Guild constitution, chapter 13, subsection 108. Affiliation Clause 19(i) Any registered student’s organization in the university shall be affiliated to the Guild, having been approved by the GRCs and the Vice Chancellor provided that;

Following this Guideline, a number of Associations have been formed at the university. Most of these are either regional-based or academic-based. Kabale university is a public university, that harbors many students from all over the country i.e., western, northern, central, and eastern. These regional associations are further divided into district associations according to the Association’s objectives. This doesn’t sideline Academic based Associations that are formed mostly at the faculty level for different developmental reasons. The focal point for the formation of these Associations is to promote unity and cooperation, identification, and other developmental reasons according to each Association’s goals aims, and objectives.


Associations within the University