Student's Guild

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The process of the election begins with the election of the Electoral Commission. The EC offers five slots i.e., the chairperson, the vice chairman EC, The General Secretary, Commissioner for Finance, and Commissioner for Public Relations. Qualifications for these offices to the Commission suggest that any person shall be eligible to hold any office of the Commission specified in Article 75 above if he/she is in her final year of study. High moral character, proven integrity, considerable experience, and demonstrated competence in the conduct of student affairs are the attributes considered for one take one of the above-mentioned slots. This election is a cooperative one due to the fact that it is for the GGRCs i.e. GRCs are the ones to vote for these Commissioners. This is always done in the first 14 days of the second semester.

After this, the office of the speaker together with the Dean of Students organizes the swearing-in ceremony for these Commissioners and they start officially their roles and duties which include arranging free and fair Guild Elections in accordance with the constitution, any other applicable law, university policies, and regulations and many others.

The Electoral process begins with alerting the public about posts available and the credentials needed for each post and this is always displayed on the notice board, the Guild website, and other media platforms. The road map is also availed in time to inform contestants about the subsequent programs that are to be performed during the electoral season. Registers are also published in time so as to cater to every individual at the university since it is a right to vote for a candidate of choice.

We are always expecting a new government in the first 60 days of the 2nd semester. For more information about the Guild Elections, you can visit the guild constitution chapter 10, Article 73-94.


1. Asiimwe Macknon Chairman 0775520542
2. Asingura Shakira Vice Chairperson 0781738881
3.  Akampurira Asaph Commissioner 0704916955
4.  Barigye Michael Commissioner 0781390254
5. Jukko Aloisius Commissioner 0785784289



1 26th September 2022 Display of the posts to be contested on. Publicity
2 27th -28th September 2022 09:00 am-05:00 pm Picking of nominations forms for Guild President aspirants EC Committee
3 29th -30th September 2022 09:00 am-05:00 pm Picking of nominations forms for GRCs aspirants EC Committee
4 29th September 2022 Display of registers EC Committee
5 4th & 5th October 2022 08:00 am-05:00 pm Nomination of Guild Presidential aspirants EC Committee
6 6th & 7th October 202208:00am-05:00 pm Nomination of GRCs EC Committee
7 12th October 2022 02:00 pm-04:30 pm Meeting candidates EC Committee
8 14th October 2022 Presidential debate EC Committee
9 21st October 2022 Presidential debate within the University EC Committee
10 26th October 2022 02:00 pm-05:00 pm Open air campaigns EC Committee
11 27th October 2022 05:00 pm Ending of campaigns EC Committee
12 29th October 2022 Voting Guild Presidential candidates announcing results and winners EC Committee & Dean of Students
13 1st November 2022 Voting GRCs, announcing results and winners EC Committee & Dean of Students


NB: Due to the limited time of election by the guild constitution, aspiring GRCs are requested to inform their electorates on the weekend program to be around on the voting day.