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The KAB Old Students vs KAB Continuing Students football match is an exciting sporting event that brings together former students and current students of KAB (Kabale University) for a friendly and competitive football game. It serves as a platform for fostering camaraderie, promoting school spirit, and creating a sense of unity among the KAB community.

The match is organized to showcase the talent and passion for football among both the alumni and the current students of KAB. It provides an opportunity for old friends to reconnect, reminisce about their time at the university, and engage in friendly competition on the field.

The event typically takes place in a lively and festive atmosphere, with supporters, friends, and faculty members coming together to cheer for their respective teams. It’s a great way to celebrate the shared experience of being a part of the KAB community and to strengthen the bonds between past and present students.

The football match encourages healthy competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship, while also serving as a platform for networking and building connections between the alumni and current students. It creates an environment where participants can showcase their skills, inspire each other, and foster a sense of pride in representing their respective groups.

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