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Joan Orishaba,Minister of Gender Affairs and persons with disabilities,Female GRC for Pwds at Kabale University.She is  pursuing a Bachelor of Social work And Social Administration. She believes in social capital and  always makes sure that she meets and fights for the students needs.

Currently works with National Union of Disabled persons of Uganda(NUDIPU) as Secretary at the district level, more so, she is volunteering with ROTARACT  Club of Kabale University as THE EMPOWERING GIRLS CHAIR.



My Ability is stronger than my Disability
Know me for my Abilities Not for my Disability
They see my disability, I see my ability
They call me disabled; I call myself differently abled.
There are some incidents that come in your life
Incidents that break you, or deform you
But they mold you into the best version of you.
Society sees me,
As unhealthy, defective and deviant
Their attitude to me is that,
I’m incapable of participating or contributing to society
That I only rely on welfare and charity.
But their insults will not break me
Their insults will only motivate me to prove them wrong
And so I have decided to fight my fears
Fears of insecurity and delusion
For I know, I’m much stronger than they think.

They say I’m not perfect
But the world of the perfects lives the imperfects
So, I have decided to get out of the closet
Every time, I’m in public, I always smile
I smile because I’m proud of who I’m
Differently gifted!
Joan Orishaba.



There is a story of a woman

Whose perfectly imperfect life

Made her who and what she is today


It’s the story of a woman

Who, in pursuit of her dreams and aspirations

Made other people realize

That if you think your life is hard

And you are giving up on it

Because you think it is unfair

You ought to think again


Because when you think that way

You are being unfair to your own self


It is a story of a woman

Who made people realize

That sometimes problems are not too big

*We are too small because we cannot handle them*


Never believe a prediction that doesn’t empower you

If you believe predictions that do not empower you

You will wither away and die physically and spiritually


You will be given a lot of titles in your life

You will be told many different things

But you must only listen to that which empowers you


I believe in the power of words

Many people speak before they think

But l know the value of words

Words can make or break you

They can heal your soul

Or they can damage you forever


You are not your condition: I AM NOT DISABLED

I have to rise above and show people

That the only disability is one’s refusal to adapt

You have to adapt to whatever environment you’re in

You have to believe in yourself, that you can bring value to the human race

No matter your current condition, title or stature


If l believed that l am disabled

I would wither away

I would be shy

I would be insecure

I would be afraid

I would act like l need help

And the rest of humanity would be okay with it


But l choose something else today

I choose to be strong

I choose to be a leader

I choose to be an inspiration to others

I choose to have words that move this planet.


Joan Orishaba ( kabale University)