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In a momentous event held on Saturday 21st October 2023, Ahumuza Levicato emerged as the victor in the highly contested Guild President elections at Kabale University. His resounding victory was a testament to the vibrant democratic spirit and enthusiastic engagement of the student body. , The election took place in  the University Playground-Kikungiri Hill.

The candidates in the spotlight were two determined individuals – Ahumuza Levicato and Semahore Gordon. The process was organized by the Electoral Commission of Kabale University, ensuring that the day was well underway by 8:00 AM. The solemnity of the occasion was evident as the Dean of Students, agents from both sides, and the Electoral Commission Committee observed the ballot papers being verified. From there, students lined up to cast their votes after due verification. .

Voters were methodically checked at the entrance, and their names cross-referenced with the voter registers. They then approached the voting booths, where ballot papers featuring the names and photos of the candidates were handed out. In a moment of individual agency, each student carefully marked their preferred candidate, placing their sealed fate in the ballot box. The final step was a triumphant mark – an indelible ink-stain on the voter’s finger, ensuring no double-dipping into the democratic well.

The turnout was indeed commendable, with students from various faculties enthusiastically participating in the democratic process. Security measures were tight, under the watchful eye of Mr. Okello, the police officer from Kabale University’s police station. Uncle Dean Mr. Tukamushaba Amos led the Office of the Dean of Students with unwavering commitment, overseeing the process throughout the day to ensure peace and order.

Official Results from the Electoral Comission

The Electoral Commission diligently closed the voting at exactly 4:00pm, and the tension was palpable as they began the meticulous process of tallying the votes in bundles of five. All students gathered at the tally center in the university playground, a symbol of unity in diversity, to witness this historic moment.

The results left no room for doubt. Ahumuza Levicato emerged as the victor with  2,132 votes. In contrast, Semahore Gordon secured 635 votes. Chairperson Mugisha Sam, with the authority vested in him, declared, “I hereby declare Ahumuza Levicato as the 8th Guild President of Kabale University for the year 2023-2024.”



Ahumuza Levicato-The 8th Guild President Elect 2023-2024

The victory was a cause for jubilation among Levicato’s supporters, as they celebrated their candidate’s ascent to the presidency.

In an interview with some of the students, the sentiment was unanimous: “This election was free and fair.” Even those who supported Semahore Gordon gracefully accepted the outcome, giving credit to the Electoral Commission for conducting a transparent election. One student remarked, “This has never happened at Kabale University. This is the first Electoral Commission that has carried out free and fair elections.”

In an interview with Semahore Gordon, he displayed great sportsmanship and shared his experience, thanking the Electoral Commission for a peaceful and transparent election. He congratulated Levicato and wished him the best in his service to the students of Kabale University. He also expressed his gratitude to the students who stood by him throughout the journey.

Ahumuza Levicato’s victory marks a new chapter in Kabale University’s history. It exemplifies the spirit of democracy, unity, and optimism for a bright future under his leadership. As the 8th Guild President, Levicato will be tasked with guiding the university into a new era of growth, dynamism, and purpose. The entire Kabale University community eagerly anticipates the change and transformation that his presidency promises to bring.

Click here to view the Official results from the Electoral Commisson

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