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The Faculty of Computing Library and Information Sciences (FoCLIS) at Kabale University ushered in a new chapter for incoming students on Monday, August 28th, as it hosted an orientation event in the state-of-the-art Computer Lab. The event featured an array of distinguished speakers, including the Faculty Dean, Head of Departments, Faculty Alumnus, and Guild Representative Council members from FoCLIS.

FoCLIS Dean,HODs , Lecturers, GRCS , and FoCLis Freshers Cass 2023 Posing for a Group Photo after the Orientation

The orientation commenced with a dynamic address from Hon. Akandwanaho Gracious, the 7th Guild Minister of ICT & GRC IT and Computer Science at Kabale University. A third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science, Gracious shared his insights under the theme, “Welcome to FoCLIS here at Kabale University, Class of 2023.”

Addressing the eager audience of freshers, Gracious offered his heartfelt congratulations on their admission to Kabale University and particularly to FoCLIS. “As you step through the threshold of higher education, you embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities, growth, and transformative experiences,” he remarked. He highlighted that FoCLIS stands not only as a place of learning but as a vibrant community rooted in diversity, collaboration, and innovation.Gracious urged students to embrace challenges, join clubs and societies, and engage in discussions, emphasizing that their time at Kabale University extends beyond academics to encompass holistic growth. He assured the students that the path ahead might be challenging, but with determination, hard work, and disciplined time management, they can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness. “Embrace the experience, make lifelong connections, and let your light shine brightly in all that you do,” he encouraged, sharing a quote that resonated deeply: “Life is all about what you make it.”

Madam Ajaa Sharon, now the Computer Lab Administrator and a FoCLIS alumna, resonated with Gracious’ sentiments. She shared her journey from being a student in FoCLIS to her current role, underlining the importance of putting God first and working diligently to attain academic success.

Mr. Tamale Micheal, Faculty Coordinator in charge of Examinations and a Lecturer in the Faculty of Computing, delved into the realm of examinations. He outlined the structure of the semester, stressing the significance of continuous assessment and managing time effectively. “Tests contribute 20 marks out of 40, and courseworks contribute 20 marks out of 40,” he elucidated. Mr. Tamale encouraged students to be disciplined, attend lectures punctually, and submit assignments timely.

Dr. Ssemalulu Paul Mukasa, the Head of the Department of Computer Science, captivatingly emphasized the concept of “Deliberate Practice.” Drawing inspiration from the realm of swimming, he underlined the importance of consistent effort, sharp focus, and intrinsic passion in achieving academic excellence.

Dr. George William Kiyingi, the Head of the Department of Library and Information Sciences, welcomed the freshers into their new academic home and underscored the vital role of the faculty in nurturing their aspirations. He emphasized student conduct and the importance of upholding a positive image.

Assoc.Prof Phelix Businge Mbabazi, the FoCLIS Dean delivering his remarks to New Students

Assoc. Prof Phelix Businge Mbabazi, the Faculty Dean, delivered closing remarks that highlighted the faculty’s achievements, associations, and challenges. He reminded students of the importance of academic integrity and engaged participation in associations. Prof. Mbabazi also introduced the faculty’s lecturers and presented the faculty’s mission and vision.Prof. Mbabazi also shared that the total number of students admitted to FoCLIS so far is an impressive 289 students.

The orientation day concluded with a  sense of excitement and anticipation as the new FoCLIS freshers embarked on their academic journey at Kabale University. The event provided a glimpse of the vibrant academic community they are now part of and set the stage for a promising future.


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