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The Kabale University community gathered in the Guild office on Friday September 8th, 2023, for a momentous meeting that marked the official launch of the KAB FOR KAB Initiative. This initiative, spearheaded by the KAB For KAB Committee members, prominent Guild Leaders who have all rallied behind this noble cause, and supported by Patron Ms. Uwimannah Annah Besigye, aims to address the tuition challenges faced by many students, ensuring that no one’s education is compromised due to financial constraints.

KAB For KAB Committee members, Patron, and prominent Guild Leaders who have all rallied behind this noble cause posing in a group Photo after the meeting

In his opening remarks, Chairman Kamusiime Daniel expressed his enthusiasm for the KAB FOR KAB Initiative and the remarkable support it had geared from both students and the Guild during their council meeting. “We are taking this initiative because we believe in the power of education, and we are committed to ensuring that every student at Kabale University has the opportunity to complete their schooling,” he declared passionately.

“We, as young people, must take the lead in doing the right thing,” Daniel passionately declared. He stressed that the time for action was now, marking the official commencement of the initiative. “We want to start something that can endure for years to come.”

Acknowledging the crucial role of Patron Ms. Uwimannah Annah Besigye, Chairman Daniel thanked her for her consent to support the initiative. He went on to highlight the tuition challenges faced by students and how the KAB FOR KAB Initiative would alleviate these challenges. He emphasized that KAB FOR KAB had transitioned from private ownership to the Kabale University Guild office to ensure transparency and fairness.

The Guild President graciously allowed the initiative to be registered for free, demonstrating the university’s commitment to this noble cause. Chairman Daniel concluded his speech by assuring all members that this meeting marked the commencement of the implementation phase, with a promising launch event in the near future.


The 2nd is the Chairperson and 3rd is the Patron (Left-Right)

Ms. Uwimannah Annah Besigye, the Patron of KAB FOR KAB Initiative, expressed her gratitude for Chairman Daniel’s visionary leadership. She commended all members for their dedication and their willingness to embark on this essential journey. “Together, we can achieve the impossible,” she declared optimistically.

The Patron underscored the inclusivity of the initiative, mentioning that it would cater to students facing challenges in paying half or less of their tuition fees. To ensure accountability, a rigorous process would be put in place to identify genuine beneficiaries. Collaboration with the university’s finance office was also mentioned as a key element in ensuring transparency.

Ms. Besigye concluded her remarks by expressing her happiness for the birth of KAB FOR KAB Initiative, emphasizing that unity and collective effort would be the driving forces behind its success.”Kabale University students will be our beneficiaries,” Ms. Besigye affirmed, highlighting the initiative’s mission to assist students facing tuition challenges.

The KAB FOR KAB Initiative, which stands for “Kabale University for Kabale University,” aims to offer a helping hand to students struggling with tuition fees. With over 4,000 students at Kabale University, each contributing a nominal amount, the initiative aspires to raise seven million Uganda shillings every semester to support their fellow students.

To ensure the initiative’s longevity, strong strategies and measures have been put in place to identify deserving students. Class coordinators will also play a pivotal role in the efficient operation of the initiative.

In a heartfelt appeal, the initiative called upon the entire Kabale University community, including university management, student leadership, the guild body, and alumni, to join hands and make the dream of KAB FOR KAB a reality.

As the KAB FOR KAB Initiative sets sail, it carries with it the hope of countless students and the promise of a brighter, more inclusive future for all at Kabale University. Together, they are writing a story of unity, compassion, and limitless possibilities.

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