KAB Women’s Day Celebrations 2023

On March 8th, the 7th  Guild Minister of Gender and Persons with Disabilities (Hon.Min.Kamusiime Daniel Kamudan) organized a Women’s Day celebration at the University. The event was held to commemorate the achievements of women and raise awareness about the challenges they continue to face.

During the event, the Minister highlighted the importance of gender equality and inclusivity in society. She also emphasized the need for universities to create safe spaces for women to learn and grow, and to provide support for those who may face discrimination or harassment.

The event started in the morning with a motivational talk from Women of Influence Kabale University (WIKAB) at the main campus in the Boardroom attended by the students representatives who are  girls  and WIKAB community. WIKAB is the group of great women of Influence of Kable University with the Vice Chellor Joy Kwesiga as the Chairperson.The Theme of the Day was “Innovation and Technology in relation to women empowerment.”

A lot of Presentation were laid laid out to enrich the theme where Prof.Adobe from Nigeria laid down the statistics of women who use internet which is on a low percentage.She also adhered the house about tech opportunities for women Africa.In her words said “There are over 1000 tech online opportunities for students.”

However, Mrs.Baguma Fatumah, Ass Lecturer at the School of Engineering also presented her innovations of Art and Design of Ceramics,Keyholder,and Hackeys.

Furthermore, the DVC Mrs Annah Bwengye continued to enlighten the women in the house about new innovations and Technology in our country Uganda where she talked about online sponsorships,grants,competitions specifically for ladies in Entrepreneurship,science and Technology.She continued to e

ncourage the women in the house that  “Smart minds ,skills,and technology” is the future to go.

Several students and faculty members spoke at the event, sharing their own experiences and perspectives on gender issues. Topics discussed included the gender pay gap, reproductive rights, and the role of men in promoting gender equality.


The event also included performances by women in football,  and netball, showcasing the diverse talents and creativity of women  in the university playground.The event was closed by the Guild president,H.E Diaz Drake Owoyesigire who awarded medals and trophies to the winning teams.


Overall, the KAB Women’s Day celebration was a powerful reminder of the contributions of women to society and the importance of continued efforts to promote gender equality and inclusivity.



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  • Kamusiime Daniel Kamudan Reply

    Women is a greater resource for the continued world development
    Let’s all recognize the effort of women in our societies

    March 14, 2023 at 7:07 pm
  • Teknik Elektro Reply

    I agree if men participate in promoting the role of gender equality so that social inequality does not occur

    March 27, 2023 at 8:11 am
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