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The Kabale University Electoral Commission (EC) convened a crucial meeting on Tuesday, September 26th, 2023, bringing together the nominated candidates for guild leadership and games and sports union roles. The gathering, held at KABSOM Jophan Hostel Makaga, provided a platform for the aspirants to gain valuable insights and guidance ahead of the upcoming elections.

The meeting commenced with Mr. Eliya Ayebazibwe, Chairperson of the Games and Sports Union, congratulating all the nominated candidates on their achievements. He expressed his gratitude to the dean of students for providing invaluable leadership and guidance. Mr. Ayebazibwe emphasized the importance of viewing leadership roles as a game rather than a life-or-death struggle. He urged the candidates to rise above identity-based politics, asserting that seeking a mandate based on identity would be detrimental to the university, society, and the country.

Mr. Mugisha Sam, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, welcomed all attendees to the meeting and introduced his team responsible for overseeing the election process. He presented the election roadmap and electoral offenses, encouraging all candidates to follow these guidelines to prevent potential challenges. Mr. Sam stressed the significance of maintaining peace throughout the election process and emphasized the importance of punctuality. He urged the nominated candidates to collaborate closely with the electoral commission, reiterating the primary need for peaceful elections.

The University Warden began her remarks by congratulating the nominated candidates for their successful nominations. She highlighted the success of previous elections at the university and emphasized the importance of integrity in all actions. The Warden encouraged candidates to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the guild constitution, particularly the article on elections. She urged candidates to be accountable and transparent and discouraged the habit of borrowing money. Instead, she recommended soliciting support from fellow students, reminding everyone that they were coming to serve the university. She particularly encouraged presidential candidates to ensure that their agents promote peace. The Warden also advised candidates to maintain a low profile and assured them of the university’s cooperation.

Madam Confidence, the University Councilor, began by congratulating the nominated candidates and stressed the importance of emotional intelligence. She encouraged everyone to learn more about emotional intelligence and the value of continuous learning. Madam Confidence reminded candidates that guild leadership lasts only one year, during which they have the opportunity to create a positive legacy. She urged them to focus on academic excellence, as a good degree would be their lasting legacy. She emphasized the importance of conducting elections peacefully and urged everyone to stay safe during the process.

The Police Officer in charge of security, who is also an alumnus of Kabale University, opened his remarks by expressing his commitment to ensuring the safety of all students during the election period. He stressed the importance of discipline and shared a thought-provoking story about choices in life. He encouraged candidates not to use tuition money for campaigns, avoid excessive borrowing, and maintain respectful communication. He strongly discouraged hate speech, character defamation, and the destruction of opponents’ campaign materials. The Police Officer emphasized the need to respect the election roadmap and warned that those who incite violence would face legal consequences.

Mr. Tukamushaba Amos, the Dean of Students Addressing the Nominated Candidates

Mr. Tukamushaba Amos, the Dean of Students, commenced his remarks by expressing his honor at being present. He encouraged everyone to take pride in Kabale University and congratulated the Electoral Commission for their efforts. He highlighted the challenges of both the beginning and end of leadership roles, emphasizing the importance of discipline, cooperation, and love. Mr. Amos encouraged candidates to make well-informed decisions, plan effectively, and stay organized. He stressed the value of mutual respect and the importance of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound promises. He reminded candidates of the upcoming election dates and encouraged humility, active listening, problem-solving, and the promotion of peace during campaigns and elections.

The meeting concluded with a sense of unity and purpose among the nominated candidates. As they embark on their respective campaigns, these aspiring leaders of Kabale University are equipped with valuable guidance and principles that emphasize the significance of integrity, discipline, and cooperation in their journey towards responsible leadership.

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