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The 7th Guild Government hosted the  KAB Freshers Bash 2023  on Sunday  17th September , 2023. This vibrant event was organized to extend a warm welcome to the incoming class of 2023-2024, marking the beginning of their academic journey at this prestigious institution.

The event commenced with a display of musical talents, as enthusiastic musicians entertained both the freshers and distinguished guests alike. The event was graced by esteemed personalities, including the Dean of Students representing the Vice-Chancellor, the University Councilor, the Guild President, Cabinet Ministers, GRCS officials, and, of course, the entire class of 2023-2024 freshers.

The highlight of the event was the swearing-in ceremony for the newly elected Chief Freshers for 2023-2024. The Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Kyamashaija Christopher, presided over this momentous occasion, emphasizing the importance of free and fair elections in a democratic society. Hon. Ayebale Samuel was elected as the Male Chief Fresher, while Hon.Nahurira Daphine assumed the role of Female Chief Fresher. In his impassioned speech, Rt. Hon. Christopher encouraged the freshers to embrace leadership and emphasized the significance of building strong relationships within the university community.

Hon. Daphine, in her heartfelt remarks, expressed her gratitude to those who supported her during the elections. She urged female students to prioritize self-love and affirmed her commitment to representing all female freshers in the 8th Guild Council. Hon. Samuel echoed her sentiments, thanking his supporters and extending an open hand to work with all students to improve the university.

Madam Asiimwe Confidence, the University Counsellor, delivered a powerful message emphasizing the importance of socialization, mental health, and responsible choices. She stressed the need for students to exercise caution regarding the freedom that university life offers. Madam Confidence also addressed the issue of HIV/AIDS, advocating for ABC (Abstain, Be faithful, Condom use) as a preventive measure, reminding students that their futures depended on responsible behavior.

Hon.Isaac Tumwesigye, Chairman of the Games and Sports Union, encouraged students to explore their full potential at the university. He urged them to be humble yet strong, kind but not weak, and proud but not arrogant, all while prioritizing their academic pursuits. Tumwesigye encouraged students to participate in sports and showcase their talents, highlighting the potential for lucrative careers in this field.

H.E. Diaz Drake, the 7th Guild President giving his remarks

H.E. Diaz Drake, the 7th Guild President and UNSA  Secretary National Affairs, emphasized the freedom and academic opportunities students have at the university. He urged students to prioritize academics and discipline while also recognizing the importance of leadership. Drake stressed the value of talents and encouraged students to explore and showcase their unique abilities.

Mr. Tukamushaba Amos, the Dean of Students, delivered a passionate speech on the power of knowledge and the importance of a good attitude. He emphasized setting clear goals, choosing friends wisely, and fostering collaboration among students pursuing various courses. Mr. Amos also highlighted the role of discipline in achieving success, encouraging students to be transparent and accountable in both their academic and personal lives.In closing, Mr. Amos extended a warm welcome to all the freshers, assuring them that Kabale University is now their home and that his office is always open to provide support and guidance.

The Kabale University Freshers Bash 2023 was more than just a welcome party; it was an occasion that marked the beginning of an academic journey, the formation of lasting friendships, and the cultivation of future leaders. With these words of wisdom and guidance, the incoming students are poised for success and personal growth during their time at Kabale University.


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