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The intellectual prowess of Kabale University’s medical students was on full display at the highly anticipated KUMSA Internal Quiz 2023 held on Saturday, August 5th, at the Jophan Students’ Hostel Makanga. Under the overarching theme of “Integration of Research into Medical Education for better Public Health Solutions,” this event marked a significant step forward in fostering collaborative learning and knowledge exchange among future healthcare professionals.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from the KUMSA President, Mr. Musasizi Stuart, a 4th-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. His gratitude for the participants’ punctuality set the tone for a day filled with intense academic competition. The quiz featured five competing groups – A, B, C, D, and E – each comprising talented minds selected from different academic years within the medical school.

Divided into three rigorous sessions – Bio-Medical, General Knowledge, and Clinical – the quiz’s format demanded quick thinking and in-depth knowledge. Participants were subjected to a time constraint of 40 seconds per question, ensuring that only the sharpest minds prevailed. The diverse range of questions covered topics from ethics, anatomy, and physiology to political history, world affairs, and the realms of medicine.

Charles Odur led the proceedings as the Chief Moderator and Judge, supported by Brian Semakula as the First Deputy Moderator and Time Keeper. Namanya Audrey held the position of Second Deputy Moderator and Secretary, while Stanely Okech, Namanya Sandra, Stuart Musasizi, and Ampumuza James managed various critical roles throughout the event.

The pinnacle of the competition was the Clinical session, delving into the specifics of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology. This round, graded out of 100, was the ultimate test of the participants’ clinical acumen.

One of the invited guests, Mr. Senyonga Edga Regan, a 3rd-year medical student from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, praised the quiz’s role in knowledge exchange and intellectual growth. He shared that the event was an invaluable opportunity to learn from peers and praised Kabale University’s students for their formidable expertise.

As the dust settled, Group A emerged as the triumphant victors with 645 points, closely followed by Group B with 600 points and Group C with 570 points. Group D secured 445 points, and Group E wrapped up the competition with 410 points. The winners were celebrated with a trophy and an envelope, their faces beaming with pride.

The Minister of Health, Hon. Agarukamu Mackline, and Guild Minister of ICT, Hon. Akandwanaho Gracious, both from Kabale University, graced the event with their presence. Speaking on behalf of the participants, many expressed their gratitude for the challenge, attesting that the quiz had enriched their minds and sharpened their analytical skills.

In a world of advancing medical knowledge, the KUMSA Internal Quiz 2023 stood as a testament to the dedication of Kabale University’s medical students in their pursuit of excellence. The event demonstrated that collaboration, competition, and intellectual exploration can come together to shape the future of healthcare professionals, ensuring better public health solutions for the years to come.

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