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Two exceptional students from Kabale University in Uganda are making waves in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as they attend the Annual Deep Learning Indaba in Accra, Ghana. Nakabuuka Regina Desire, the President of the IndabaX AI Club at Kabale University, and Namutebi Esther, a Bachelor of Computer Science student, have been awarded prestigious travel grants to attend the week-long event that aims to strengthen the African AI community.

The Deep Learning Indaba is a pivotal event for the African machine learning and AI community, gathering experts and enthusiasts to foster learning, research, and exchange of ideas. This year, the event runs from the 3rd to the 9th of September, 2023, and promises to be a melting pot of innovation and knowledge-sharing.

Nakabuuka Regina and Namutebi Esther (Left-Right)

Regina Desire and Esther, both passionate about AI and its potential to address critical African challenges, are not just attending but actively contributing. They are set to present a poster during the event, showcasing their dedication to the field and their commitment to driving AI initiatives within Africa.

In an exclusive interview with our news reporters, Nakabuuka Regina Desire emphasized the importance of African involvement in AI development. She stated, “Africans should not merely be observers and receivers of AI. We have the capability to leverage AI to create impactful projects. Our strength lies in our communities, and even at the undergraduate level, we can come up with world problem-solving projects through AI.”

Nakabuuka Regina Desire encouraged fellow students to embrace opportunities and learning spaces that come their way, emphasizing the value of exposure. “Exposure is a powerful tool for us students. This is the only way we can become better and better,” she added with enthusiasm.

The Faculty of Computing Library and Information Sciences at Kabale University expressed their heartfelt congratulations to Regina Desire and Esther, applauding them for representing the faculty and the entire university at this prestigious event. Their success is seen as a milestone achieved in the IndabaX Club and an inspiration for others to actively participate in transformative community activities and leverage international clubs on campus for professional development and exposure.

The Annual Deep Learning Indaba in Accra, Ghana, is not just a gathering of minds but a testament to the growing importance of AI and machine learning in Africa. As Nakabuuka Regina Desire and Namutebi Esther take center stage to present their work, they serve as shining examples of the incredible potential that African students possess in shaping the future of AI on the continent. Their journey at the Indaba is a beacon of hope, proving that African talent is indeed the key to strengthening AI across the continent.

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