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The institution’s Dean of Students Office arranged an impactful orientation event for its incoming students on Wednesday, August 30th, 2023. The  University  playgrounds came alive with enthusiastic attendees, including representatives from various departments and student bodies, who wholeheartedly welcomed the Freshers into the campus.The  participants included notable figures such as the Guild Office, police representatives, Library Services, Health Services, Quality Assurance Office, Admissions and Exams Office (AR’s Office), and the esteemed Dean of Students Office. Each participant played a crucial role in introducing the newcomers to the university’s principles, resources, and values.

Dr. Odongo, the Senior Librarian of Kabale University, offered insightful remarks on the pivotal role of online resources in modern education. He highlighted the importance of character development alongside academic pursuits, urging students to follow library rules and regulations while making the most of the available resources.

Her Excellency Bitrece, the Vice Guild President, delivered a warm and inspiring welcome speech. She emphasized the importance of cherishing the university experience while keeping academics at the forefront of their journey. Encouraging a sense of discipline, she reminded the students of the pivotal role it plays in achieving success, not just academically but also in life.

The event also saw the participation of experts in various domains. The university’s Health Department discussed health concerns, emphasizing the need for students to seek accurate medical information and services while deterring the misuse of medical resources.

Security was another key focus area, with Mr. Akello, a representative of the University Security Department, underscoring the significance of discipline and hard work in completing one’s academic journey successfully. The Kigezi Regional Police Commander, serving also as an Assistant Commissioner, highlighted the importance of responsibility, avoidance of bad habits, and the need to establish a strong sense of identity.

The Quality Assurance Officer reinforced the concept of quality in education, elucidating the mechanisms for maintaining academic standards and urging collective responsibility for achieving quality education.

Madam Confidence, the University Counselor, brought attention to the importance of responsible freedom and mental well-being among students. She addressed critical issues like depression, cohabitation, and sexual harassment, underscoring the university’s commitment to ensuring a safe and nurturing environment.

The Sports Tutor encouraged students to participate in sports, fostering physical well-being alongside academics. The University Warden spoke about responsible hostel living, offering advice on maintaining harmonious relations with landlords and utilizing available resources effectively.

Mr. Tukamushaba Amos, affectionately known as “Uncle Dean,” offered closing remarks that encapsulated the spirit of the orientation. He congratulated the incoming students, underlining the virtues of discipline, time management, and active engagement with the Guild for leadership opportunities. He extended a supportive hand, reminding students that the university community is there to guide them through their academic journey.

This orientation not only set the tone for the Freshers’ academic pursuits but also instilled within them the values and principles that will guide their growth as individuals and scholars during their time at Kabale University. With a united commitment to excellence, the university community embraces its new members and looks forward to witnessing their transformative journey ahead.

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