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The 7th Guild Council Membres of Kabale University embarked on an educational and inspiring visit to Mwesigye Agro Business Center on Friday-29th-September-2023, located in  Kabanyonyi Village, Ndorwa East, Kabale District. The tour was a gesture of appreciation for the remarkable achievements of the Guild Council during their term in office, and it was made possible through the connection between the Guild President, Diaz Drake, and the owner of the farm, Dr. Mwesigye Patrick Paddy.

Dr. Mwesigye Patrick Paddy, a distinguished figure in both the agricultural and healthcare sectors, extended his warm invitation to the Guild President and his entire council. The visit commenced with a guided tour around the expansive farm, led by Dr. Paddy himself.

Some of The 7th Guild Council members on the fishing section during the Farm tour with Dr.Paddy

The farm proved to be of agricultural diversity, encompassing various sections dedicated to different livestock and crops. The first stop was the fishing section, where three ponds inhabited by various fish species, ranging from the young ones to the mature ones. Each group of fish received specialized feeding, showcasing Dr. Paddy’s commitment to responsible aquaculture.

Moving on to the goats’ section, the council explored a herd of over 115 goats comfortably housed in a clean, well-maintained facility. The pigs, numbering over 45, had their own individual cages, highlighting the farm’s dedication to animal welfare. It was particularly fascinating to learn that one of the sows was a prolific mother, giving birth to over 16 piglets.

In the Birds section, the council marveled at the diversity of avian life, including Indian runners, catch catch, geese, ducks, and guinea fowls, totaling more than 70 birds. The cows grazed contentedly in a zero-grazing system, each dining on carefully selected grasses for optimal nutrition.

The Sheep section was home to over 26 sheep, and the Ducks section boasted a swimming pool for the 27 ducks, which fed on a unique mixture of mash and cow dung. The tour continued to the Rabbit section, housing more than 15 rabbits, and the council was impressed by the comfortable accommodations provided for these animals.

After the extensive tour, the council was treated to a delicious meal and a variety of drinks at the reception. The gratitude and admiration for Dr. Paddy were tangible as everyone enjoyed the hospitality. One council member,Hon.Celsus remarked, “We shall always remember Dr. Paddy in our life because I have learned a lot from this farm. He is truly a very good man of the people.” Another expressed thanks to Diaz Drake for his close friendship with Dr. Paddy, acknowledging that their visit was a direct result of this strong connection.

Guild President Diaz Drake, in his remarks, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Paddy for hosting the 7th Guild Council  Kabale University on this enlightening farm tour. He pledged the council’s support in marketing and becoming loyal customers of Dr. Paddy’s farm, emphasizing the importance of learning from Dr. Paddy’s initiative to make a meaningful impact in their respective communities.

Dr. Mwesigye Patrick Paddy, the visionary owner and CEO of Mwesigye Agribusiness Center and Mwesigye Health Care Clinic, and the Ass. District Health Officer (DHO) of Kabale District, shared his inspiring journey. Dr. Paddy revealed that he initiated the farm in 2007, which now encompasses poultry, piggery, cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits, and various agricultural crops, including maize, beans, and banana plantations.It was clear that Dr. Paddy’s initiative in establishing this farm was driven by his upbringing and his deep-rooted connection to agriculture. He shared his inspiring journey, recalling how his parents, despite their limited education, relied on farming to support their family and educate their children. Dr. Paddy emphasized the importance of focusing on education first and pursuing one’s passion, just as he had done by simultaneously practicing medicine and agriculture.

Mr. Ayebare Martin, the Farm’s Manager, emphasized the farm’s commitment to nutrition and its goal of serving the greater community. He emphasized the farm’s overarching vision to serve the country, community, and people. He noted the farm’s track record of hosting prominent figures, including government officials, religious leaders, civil servants, and students.

As the visit came to a close, attendees expressed their heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the invaluable lessons learned from Dr. Paddy and his remarkable farm. The Mwesigye Agro Business Center had not only provided employment opportunities but had also given back to the community in significant ways.

The visit to Mwesigye Agro Business Center was an enriching experience, leaving a lasting impression on the 7th Guild Council members. Dr. Paddy’s journey from a humble background to a successful entrepreneur and healthcare professional serves as an inspirational example for all aspiring individuals.

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