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The Kanungu Kabale University Students Association (KAKUSA) arranged a big welcome event for the fresh faces from Kanungu District. The assembly, which took place on Friday-August 25th, 2023, aimed to introduce the new students to the vibrant KAKUSA community and foster a sense of unity among them.

KAKUSA’s tradition of extending a warm reception to new students was beautifully captured in this event. The meeting, held in the Lecture Room 2, at Kabale University, was attended by esteemed guests, including the President of Rukungiri Kabale University Students Association(RUKUSA), the President Kabale University Banyakigezi Students association(KUBSA), Guild Minister of ICT of Kabale University, GRC  Post Graduate ,among others. These dignitaries added a touch of prestige to the occasion, celebrating the unity and potential that KAKUSA represents.

Kanungu Kabale University Students Association (KAKUSA) members with Kanungu new students posing for a group photo after the Meeting

The Project Manager of KAKUSA, Mr. Onesmus, unveiled an ambitious plan during his address. The association is gearing up to purchase new seats, tents, and decorations for various events. This project will be officially launched during an upcoming party scheduled for September 16th at Kirigime Guest House.

The Chairperson of Kabale Kanungu Students Association (KAKASA) highlighted the organization’s role in uniting university students from Kanungu District within Kabale, emphasizing the roadmap for upcoming elections and the inclusive unity among institutions under KAKASA.

The President of Kabale University Banyakigezi Students Association (KUBSA), Mr. Turinawe Henry Watagah, delivered a motivational message encouraging students to embrace their roots and stand united. He stressed, “United we stand, divided we fall,” and urged students to develop self-esteem by cherishing their heritage.

Representing the Guild President, Hon. Akandwanaho Gracious, the Guild Minister of ICT, emphasized the transformative power of associations. He shared his personal journey from being a Publicity secretary of different associations to becoming a Minister of Information and Communication Technology, attributing his success to his involvement in various associations. He underscored the significance of social media as a tool for growth and encouraged students to engage with university and guild platforms.

(KAKUSA) Executive members

In a heartwarming address, Mr.Ndyamuhaki Ian, the President of KAKUSA, extended a warm welcome to the new students. He underscored the inclusivity of KAKUSA and applauded the freshers’ enthusiasm during a football match where they triumphed over senior students. He reiterated the importance of unity, especially for young women to assume leadership roles.

The event concluded with Hon. Turinawe Francis, the GRC for Post Graduate students at Kabale University, sharing his personal journey as a testament to the value of social capital. He called on students to cherish their district, prioritize unity, and maintain humility.

The meeting resonated with KAKUSA’s commitment to cultivating discipline, unity, and academic excellence among Kanungu students. As students embark on this new academic journey, KAKUSA’s message of unity, leadership, and embracing one’s roots will undoubtedly inspire them to excel both individually and as a collective force.

For more information about KAKUSA Click here to download KAKUSA Constitution from the Guild Website

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