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The City Max Hotel in Kabale Town was adorned with the vibrant energy of the Kisoro Kabale University Students Association (KIKUSA) as they organized a grand Freshers welcoming and finalist farewell party on Sunday, October 15th, 2023. This event, which brought together students from Kisoro District at Kabale University, was a celebration of unity, excellence, and the rich cultural diversity that thrives at the institution.

Kisoro District, known for its captivating scenic beauty and iconic landscapes, is often referred to as the “Pearl of Africa.” Its natural wonders have been instrumental in the evolution of the Kigezi region and have made it the peak of the continent’s allure. The KIKUSA gathering was a testament to this vibrancy.

Dr.  Alabi Emanuel Olukunle, a Nigerian lecturer from Kabale University’s Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, represented the Nigerian lecturers at the university. He began the event with a heartfelt speech. Dr. Emanuel emphasized the importance of discipline in achieving success in life and encouraged students to carry this virtue into the world beyond the university. He expressed gratitude for the invitation extended by Madam Ngabire Judith, a student from Kisoro, and pledged the continuous support of Nigerian lecturers to KIKUSA.

Prof. Grace Modupe Adebo, another Nigerian lecturer from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, echoed her colleague’s sentiments. She commended the students of Kabale University, calling them “very great and good.” Prof. Grace affirmed her readiness to attend any future invitations with enthusiasm.

Hon. Akandwanaho Gracious, the 7th Guild Minister of ICT at Kabale University, drew attention to the power of associations. He emphasized how these student organizations help in personal development and building valuable connections. He credited his current position to his involvement in associations  and encouraged the incoming students from Kisoro to embrace associations, highlighting the role they played in shaping his own life. Hon. Gracious also stressed the significance of social media and its potential for personal branding and professional growth.

HE.Diaz Drake, the 7th Guild President of Kabale University, reflected on the journey of an association. He urged students to have a vision and work towards the betterment of Kisoro District, underlining its historical significance to Uganda. He encouraged students to be patriotic and embrace leadership roles. He also emphasized the importance of building a personal brand during one’s university years.

Mr. Twisigimana Derick, the Chairperson of KIKUSA in the Middle giving his remarks

Mr. Twisigimana Derick, the Chairperson of KIKUSA, thanked alldee attens and highlighted the achievements of the association, which included town cleaning, radio talk shows, project T-shirts, banners for identification, association registration with the guild, launching a salon project, and more. He shared KIKUSA’s vision, mission, and objectives, and the importance of building partnerships with other associations.

In an interview with Madam Ngabire Judith, a student in the Faculty of Agriculture  and Environmental Sciences and a member of KIKUSA, she expressed her gratitude and happiness, noting how she never expected the event to be such a success. She marveled at the presence of Nigerian lecturers, the unity among students, and the positive atmosphere throughout the day.

The KIKUSA Freshers welcoming and finalist farewell party was not just a celebration; it was a testament to the strength of unity and the potential that associations hold in shaping the future of the students and Kisoro District as a whole. It left a lasting impression on the attendees and served as a reminder of the rich heritage and excellence Kabale University embodies.

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