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On  Tuesday 10th October ,2023 evening, the students of Kanungu Kabale University Students Association (KAKUSA) gathered near the Mukombe Library at Kabale University for a momentous occasion. The evening , saw the launch of a Fruit-Tree Planting Project, a grand initiative that is set to transform the university’s landscape and contribute to environmental conservation.

Led by Mr. Ian Ndyamuhaki, the Chairperson of KAKUSA, the students embarked on this noble mission with enthusiasm. The University Estates office had granted them permission to plant four different types of fruit trees near the New Computer Lab. These trees, including avocado, Prunus Africana (omumba), bottlebrush, and strawberry guava, symbolize both the environmental awareness and the commitment of KAKUSA to the beautification of Kabale University.

KAKUSA Team members after plating one of the Fruit Tree Specie Posing for a Group Photo

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Ndyamuhaki shared the vision behind this endeavor. “We are planting these trees to conserve the environment of Kabale University. They will not only provide shade and beauty to our campus but also contribute to the overall well-being of our students and the local community,” he explained. He went on to highlight the importance of these specific tree species, such as Prunus Africana’s role in treating prostate cancer, strawberry guava’s promise of delicious fruits, and bottlebrush’s use in treating flu and cough. The students’ collective efforts showcase their commitment to both the university’s future and the health of the surrounding area.

“We are not just planting trees; we are sowing the seeds of a sustainable legacy for future generations to remember KAKUSA 2022-2023 at Kabale University,” Mr. Ndyamuhaki declared with conviction.

For Mr. Ambikire Peter, a first-year Bachelor of Arts in Education student hailing from Kanungu District and a member of KAKUSA, this initiative holds great personal significance. “I am incredibly proud to be part of KAKUSA, and what we’ve accomplished today reaffirms my sense of belonging to this organization and Kabale University,” he expressed. With joy in his eyes, he added, “As a first-year student, I look forward to enjoying the fruits of these trees before I graduate. It’s a heartwarming prospect that will remind me of my time at Kabale University.”

He extended his gratitude to everyone involved in the initiative and commended the University Estates office for their support. “This not only beautifies our campus but also fosters a sense of responsibility and connection to our environment. I look forward to watching these trees grow alongside my academic journey,” Mr. Peter added with a smile.

The launch of the Fruit-Tree Planting Project by KAKUSA not only promises a greener, more vibrant Kabale University but also serves as a testament to the unity and commitment of its students. As these trees grow and thrive, they will become a living legacy of KAKUSA’s dedication to the environment and the enduring bond among the students at Kabale University.

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