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The Kanungu Kabale University Students Association (KAKUSA) hosted a memorable gathering on Saturday 16th September,2023. The event, which brought together students, invited guests, and prominent figures from Kanungu and Kabale Districts, marked the welcoming of freshers from Kanungu and the launch of an exciting project encompassing decoration, ushering, and catering.

Mr. Nahabwe Sam, the President of KAKASA (Kanungu Kabale Students Association), stepped up to the podium on behalf of Hon. Kansiime Honest, emphasizing her staunch support for youth initiatives. He reminded everyone that this is the time for the youth to seize leadership roles and highlighted the importance of unity. Sam also raised awareness about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Kabale, urging caution and stressing the need to avoid nighttime travels.

Mr. Onesmus, the KAKUSA Project Manager, introduced the association’s ambitious project, which aimed to acquire essential items like plastic chairs, cake stands, and catering materials. He highlighted that this project would serve as a source of income for the association, further reinforcing its sustainability.

Hon. Akandwanaho Gracious, the Guild Minister of ICT at Kabale University, expressed gratitude for the invitation, highlighting the importance of associations in personal growth and development. He encouraged attendees to foster positive relationships and extend goodwill to others, asserting that be at peace with everyone.

Mr. Ndyamuhaki Ian, the Chairperson of KAKUSA, took the stage to express his gratitude for the support and dedication of the association’s members. He emphasized the importance of passion and teamwork and detailed the various activities, including a savings scheme and community outreach efforts, conducted by KAKUSA. Ian thanked the patron for his guidance and support, labeling him as an approachable and benevolent figure.

Mr. Naris Minsiima, KAKUSA’s Patron and a lecturer of Governance at Kabale University

Mr. Naris Minsiima, KAKUSA’s Patron and a lecturer of Governance at Kabale University, urged students to be patient and respectful, highlighting the importance of preserving one’s roots. He encouraged healthy competition and support for one another, emphasizing the benefits of uplifting friends during their ascent. He praised the tangible results achieved by the KAKUSA executive and stressed the significance of accountability.

The event’s guest of honor, Madam Kyasimiire Shillah, Coordinator of Debates at the national level and District Coordinator for UNSA in Kanungu District, shared a compelling personal story of rising from a humble background. She implored students, especially the girls, not to let their origins define their futures. Shillah underscored the importance of friendships, connections, and social capital in achieving one’s goals. She emphasized that young people hold the power to influence at various levels and highlighted the crucial role they can play in ending HIV stigma.

Shillah also touched on the theme of accountability and transparency, reminding everyone that trust is built on loyalty, not betrayal. She highlighted the critical importance of good health and the need for responsible behavior, especially regarding HIV/AIDS. Shillah concluded her remarks by urging everyone to embrace the power of prayer and expressing her gratitude for being invited as the Guest Speaker.

The KAKUSA Party at Town View Inn was more than just a celebration; it was an inspiring gathering of young minds, mentors, and friends. The messages of unity, accountability, and the limitless potential of the youth resonated strongly with all those present. As the night concluded, the attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to embrace their roles as future leaders, and make a lasting impact on their communities.

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