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Kabale University Freshers Bash 2023: A Grand Welcome and Inspirational Start

The 7th Guild Government hosted the  KAB Freshers Bash 2023  on Sunday  17th September , 2023. This vibrant event was organized to extend a warm welcome to the incoming class of 2023-2024, marking the beginning of their academic journey at this prestigious institution. The event commenced with a display of musical talents, as enthusiastic musicians […]

KAKUSA Party Welcomes Freshers, Launches Ambitious Project at Kabale University

The Kanungu Kabale University Students Association (KAKUSA) hosted a memorable gathering on Saturday 16th September,2023. The event, which brought together students, invited guests, and prominent figures from Kanungu and Kabale Districts, marked the welcoming of freshers from Kanungu and the launch of an exciting project encompassing decoration, ushering, and catering. Mr. Nahabwe Sam, the President […]